Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long to complete a home from start to finish?
A: Approximately six months from the time we break ground.  The permitting process takes about four weeks after signing a contract.

Q: How many visits to Aiken will I need to make during the build process?
A: There are three sets of appointments which will be coordinated through my assistant, Marge. You should plan on three business days here in Aiken for each session.  One will be soon after signing a contract.  The other will be at the time we are ready to do an electrical walk-through with you.  This is about seven weeks from clearing.

Q: How does the “Selection Process” work?
A: You will let Marge know when you will be in town for at least two business days.  She will contact the vendors and set appointments for you to best utilize your time here.  She will then email you the schedule complete with contact names, phone numbers, addresses, dates, times, allowances, and notes.

Q: What sort of warranty is there on a new home?
A: State mandate of 8 years for structural.  We offer a one year warranty on everything else except appliances which have their own specifications by manufacturer.

Q: How do I know where I stand on extras and overages to allowances?
A: Periodically, you may request of Marge to provide you with a Project Summary.  It will recap for you any extras you may have added to the contract as well as reconcile your allowance compared with initial quotes and later with bills paid (actual).

Q: What if I notice other things to be corrected after closing?
A: It is expected that some things will not become apparent until you have lived in your new home for a bit.  If it is something that isn’t urgent, please keep a running list for a few weeks.  Then periodically, you can email or call us with your list and we will add your concerns to the punch list.  All items will be addressed in a timely manner.  Please call the office immediately, if you discover something that should be resolved right away.

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